About Us

Rare Breed Real Estate Services, LLC was established by Haley Weaver in April of 2010. After years of working with a company that was very corporate & staunch, Haley moved on to a broker who would give her the freedom to let her creativity shine. 

What’s with the name “Rare Breed”?:

1-The average age of a REALTOR is 54. Because of that, many agents don’t adapt well to the resources that make life easier for our clients. Rare Breed stays on top of the latest tools & technologies so that we can offer you the best home buying experience possible and get the most exposure for your home when you’re selling.

2-We’re building a brand; It’s not about us, but about our clients. Haley felt as though the name “Haley Weaver Real Estate Team” seems more about her than you, the client. 

3-We’re not what you think of when you think “REALTOR”. We don’t try to “upsell” you into something you’re not comfortable with, we think outside the box, embrace technology & the tools available to market your home, & always do what’s best for our clients…even if it doesn’t benefit ourselves.