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What You Should Know About Home Inspection Contingencies

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on Home inspections. Part 1 explains how the home inspection contingency in the Real Estate Contract actually works for you. Part 2 will spell out what to look for in a … Continue reading

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Lead Based Paint (LBP)

In real estate, there are a LOT of disclosures, forms, and cya materials to, well frankly make sure that one party doesn’t sue another later in life (aka. make sure everyone is in compliance). One of the disclosures that Sellers … Continue reading

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Choosing a Good Lender

I’ve had a few instances recently where a Buyer has gone against my professional opinion and decided to finance their new home with a lender of their choosing because that’s where they currently do their banking or they have a … Continue reading

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Can I Deduct A Loss Of Home Value On My Taxes?

I’m not an accountant but I have had a question asked of me a few times lately as a REALTOR and so I want to address it on my blog. The question – ¬†“Can I write off any loss that … Continue reading

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Worthington WheelTour Event

WheelTours had it’s 4th event last Saturday in Worthington. It was a great workout and we really got to absorb the vibe of Worthington…biking through beautiful neighborhoods, past parks alive with the sounds of children enjoying life, and jogging neighbor … Continue reading

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9 Things Buyers Want in a House in 2011

Knowing what Buyers are looking for can help when you’re thinking of selling your home. From¬†9 items homebuyers want in 2011, here is a summary of what Buyers want so that you can focus in on the right areas when … Continue reading

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6 Must See Homes for Dad in Columbus

When I’m house hunting with most husband/wife couple’s, it’s usually the woman who makes the buying decisions. That’s great but on this Fathers Day, I’d like to give Dad’s some options. Whether they’re married, single, or “in a relationship”, Dad’s … Continue reading

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