9 Things Buyers Want in a House in 2011

Knowing what Buyers are looking for can help when you’re thinking of selling your home. From¬†9 items homebuyers want in 2011, here is a summary of what Buyers want so that you can focus in on the right areas when making improvements to your home…and hopefully you’ll enjoy them too!

1-Good condition. Buying a house is more expensive now than it’s ever been. Buyers can’t afford to buy AND fix up so make sure to have your house ready. If not, expect to get 5-12% less for your home and prepare to be on the market longer too.
2-Rock bottom price. Buyers are more picky today than they’ve ever been and there is a lot of competition so consult with #1 for maximum bargaining power.
3-Outdoor living areas. People are entertaining in there homes a lot these days and an outdoor area is always desirable for entertaining…screened in porches, outdoor kitchens, two way fireplaces. Pools are fine too but it will limit your Buyers as many people don’t want the upkeep.
4-Incentives. Offering incentives such as a gas card, paid condo fees, etc. may be the extra push that a Buyer needs to buy your house over another that’s top on their list. Get creative. I can help.
5-Practical “green” features. Engergy efficient appliances and mechanicals, insulated windows,
6-Open kitchen. Again, more entertaining at home…and the kitchen is the place to be for many people. Whoever does the cooking wants company and the spouse wants to keep that person happy so they can eat. Even if no one cooks, it’s a good item to have for re-selling.
7-Re-purposed materials. Buyers want something unique…but still neutral.
8-Smaller homes. Buyers are thinking much more practically today. A 5000 square feet would be nice, most Buyers are thinking about how much it costs to heat/cool those areas and the added mortgage payment that the larger purchase is tied to.
9-Touches of luxury. Champagne taste on a beer budget has become a new real estate term. Buyers want nice things.¬†Granite counters, stainless steel appliances, brushed nickel finishes, and even a “coffee bar” in the master bedroom are items that will make your house stand out and may even forgive some other less desirable features of a home.

If you have questions about a home improvement and what effect it will have on your home value, email me at haleyrealtor@gmail.com for my professional advice. An informed home improvement, even if it doesn’t increase your value is better than an uninformed one.

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