My Neighbors are Decreasing my Home Value!

While out showing houses recently, my client and I had the distinct pleasure of viewing this spectacle. If the fence doesn’t give it away, this car is parked in the back yard. The following thoughts came to mind…in this order -


1 – Gasp. How ghetto is that?!
2 – How in the world did they get the car behind the house?
3 – No wonder the house I’m showing is a short sale!


That’s right. You can do EVERYthing in your power to to get your house staged, cleaned, & prepared to sell but if your neighbors house is a train wreck, most potential Buyers will find another house. Especially in an area where there are several other homes just like yours for sale. You might think this is out of your control, but the problem solver in me says “You’ve gotta fight. For your right. To Parrrrrrta-

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-ke in a less troublesome home sale”. ¬†So if you suspect your neighbors are decreasing your homes value, here area few ideas to help:

1-”Play the game”. In the corporate world, you have to “play the game” and be nice to people you wouldn’t typically mesh with. As much as you may not like it, be nice to your neighbors too. Especially, if you think you might want to sell…EVER. Start being nice now since you might need them to reciprocate later (by fixing an unruly fence, moving a car that’s up on blocks, etc, etc).

2-If you ARE selling now, offer to pay for the fix. Sure, spending $100 to fix your neighbors blight is a pain but if it can take a Buyer from “I don’t know-ville to I loveit-ville” then it’s money well spent!

3-If you’ve got a neighborhood association, report the violators to them. This can usually be done¬†anonymously and will seem more official to the “violator”.

4-Call the City code enforcement at 614-645-3111 or e-mail them at More info can be found at the city’s code enforcement website. If you’re not in the city of Columbus, use your Google’s to find code enforcement for your area.

5-On a slow news day, certain news channels will also cover this sort of thing AND you can get your 15 minutes of fame.

I suggest going the nice route first. You never know what goodness can come from what you might think are bad/annoying people. But I hope these options help. If you’ve got solutions of your own, please share them in the comment section below.

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