Top 10 Superbowl Commercials (and Groupon’s faux pas)

I’m not a big football fan (at least not professional) but what did kick some total ass last night was the commercials. The big draw for advertisers is that this is the few hours out of the year that the people don’t multi-task or fast forward through the commercials but instead give them our 100% full attention…and spend the next few days doing the same. And they didn’t let us down this year! Here are my top 10 (in no particular order, except for #1):

What Napoleon complex, this pug is backin’ it up!

Having gone through the wringer in the dating world, this Pepsi commercial was pretty funny to see (and probably pretty accurate).

I think the world is shifting towards excellent customer service…and the jackass companies will be left behind. This guy freaking out about receiving good customer service = classic.

Given my career in real estate, you had to know this one would be included:

We’ve all parked next to one of these monkeys:

Thinking there’s a girl behind this costume (the pink room) makes this commercial even better.

This woman gives us all a bad name…but the ending IS pretty funny.

A great message from Chrysler.

This one’s for my neice, Olivia. What’s a Bieba?

#1 – Blissfully hilarious!


Also, and I must have missed this one last night…but apparently Groupon is getting some heat for it. I can see why!

What is your favorite…and least favorite?

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