11 Truths That Will Make Your Life Easier in 2011

1-Treat others the way you want to be treated- Duh.

2-Life is not fair. Bad things happen to good people- Every single day. The only thing that’s fair about life is that it’s not fair to all of us (in some way). Even Paris Hilton feels this way. Some people make the most of it. Others complain. Which one are you?

3-You don’t have to “not look” to find the right Mate- People always told me, “You’ll find the right guy when you’re not looking”. Ha! Once I decided that I didn’t want to be single for the rest of my life, I was never not looking. Try online dating (even if it’s not a “dating site”). Who isn’t online these days? You obviously are. Use Facebook. Use Twitter. Use something. If nothing else, you’ll learn a lot about the opposite sex & people in general but I’m 99% sure that you’ll find some interesting (single) folks to date as well. Dating online is not like it was in the 90’s and if people laugh at you it’s either because 1-they’ve been married for 89 years and don’t get it or 2-they don’t want you to find a partner.

4-You can’t change people- As much as I’d love to change a handful of people myself, I know it’s not possible. Work on yourself instead.

5-Don’t kiss be a kiss ass- It’s annoying. You can respect people without kissing ass. Do that.

6-If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all- I was told this a million times growing up and it is such a simple concept. Misery loves company but it also breeds misery. Would you rather have company or be happy?

7-Every “friend” is a priveledge not a right. Treat them as such- People are on information overload. There was a time in social media when it was better to say something, anything at all…just to be out there. That time is over. There is far too much noise. People are busy. Be funny. Be relevant. Be yourself. You’ll never please everyone but wouldn’t you rather surround yourself with people who like YOU instead of a persona?

8-People show love in different ways- Don’t expect someone to show love in the same way that you do. “The Five Love Languages” is a great read on this topic! If you can’t already tell, I’m an “Acts of service”. The others are Quality Time, Gifts, Physical Touch, & Words of Affirmation. What do you think you are…how about your partner, parents, workmates?

9-People like drama & haters don’t die- This started out being 2 points but the topic isn’t worthy. Drama-The ones who say they don’t like it, enjoy it most. Haters thrive on sucking the life out of perfectly happy people. Ignore them or remove them from your life completely.

10-Pick your battles- I recently read a quote along the lines of “Would you rather be right or would you rather get past this and move on”. “Would you rather be right or be happy” is a quote as well. Either way, don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

11-Stop apologizing for being awesome- If you’re awesome, don’t try to be humble and down play it. Own it!

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