Top 5 Reasons to use the Franklin County Auditor website

I recently took a class where the Franklin County auditor and his staff spoke about all of the cool tools that Franklin County residents have at their disposal. I thought I’d share a few of my faves (5 to be exact)!

1-Current Levy Info
It’s elections season and as tired of the horrible campaign ads we all are, you might actually be interested in what the passage of a levy would mean to your pocket book. The auditor’s got you covered! Checkout the “current levy info” tab (after looking up your property)

2-The “Me & My Pal Drawing Contest (Dog Licensing)
A cool initiative to promote dog licensing (also done through the auditor) and is taking place at all schools in Franklin county. Maybe you and your child(ren) can work on a picture together. Any time spent with your children is time well spent, right? But if your children ARE your dogs and you need to license them with the county, click here to find out how.

3-Board of Revision-Sure we all think our property taxes are too high! But some property values really have decreased significantly compared to their assessed value. First, lookup the assessed value of your home . If you think there’s a significant difference in value, either contact me to lookup comps, hire an independent appraisal to assess the value for you (~$300-500), or checkout option #5. If there is a significant difference, then go to the auditors site, then go to the “Your property” tab and click on Board of Revision. There is a TON of information to get you on the road to contesting your taxes. It’s a lengthy process but worth it if your assessed value is signicantly higher than the homes value. You can file to amend your taxes with the BOR from Jan 1-Mar 31st of any given year.

4-Tax Estimator
If you’re thinking of Buying a NEW home and need to figure out if you can afford those pesky taxes in the new area, checkout the tax estimator tool

5-Area Sales Activity
Referring back to #3. You can run a search of comparable sales in the area to give you a good idea of what your neighbors homes are selling for. It will give you square footage and a sold date but you’ll have to look elsewhere for more detail.

Trying to keep the list short but you can also:
-Pay your taxes online
-Find out about the Homestead Exemption (a nice tax reduction for the 65 and up & the permanantly disabled)
-Translate your search into 50 different languages
-search for unclaimed funds

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