NARdiGras Video Competition-My Final Words on the Topic

Ok, so I didn’t win the video competition…having watched American Idol enough times, I get that the most qualified person doesn’t always win. And as much as I was shocked & devastated, I did still come in 2nd and learned a lot about making videos and got to showcase my creativity (the brain that created the video is also the brain that comes up with marketing & business ideas).
The girl who did win was a big Twitter extroidinaire and with over 4500 followers, which may have had something to do with her win. Whatever the case may be, what’s done is done. However, it would be really cool if something like this had happened:
You may sometimes notice my bit of jaded sarcasm in my writing. It’s how I deal with disappointment and the curve balls that life throws. We all deal in different ways but I’ve dealt with enough to know that you have to pick up and move on…and stay positive. I have a lot to be thankful for…like the wonderful friends (and amazingly supportive bf) who voted tirelessly to try to get me to New Orleans. I sincerely thank you for supporting me and hope that you’ll continue to support me in my new venture with Rare Breed.
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