What To Do In Columbus

Even before I took advantage of it, I’ve always thought Columbus had a lot to offer. From Theatre to the myriad of festivals, concerts, and sporting events to outdoor adventures, restaurants, and gorgeous parks galore, the city really has a wide variety of activities for the young to old and everyone in between.
If you aren’t already overwhelmed by things to do in this great city, here are a few resources to keep you better attuned:

Columbus Underground or 614Columbus (For the Gen Y’ers)
Experience Columbus (More family focused)

Meetup (Anyone looking to meet people with similar interests)
About.com (A plethora of info)
Better yet, google your own interests and add Columbus (or your zip code) to the search and see what pops up! If you find something cool, let me know about it and maybe I’ll feature it on my Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn pages or maybe right here on the blog.

What’s more-The New York Times recently ran an article about Columbus. I’m pretty excited to see what our new tag line will be.

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  1. Jessica Hogg says:

    Don't forget volunteering at 6:00am for the Columbs Marathon Water Station J!!! IT's that time again!

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