What to do…what to do?

First off, Today is National donut day…buy a drink, get a free donut at Dunkin Donut. Or forego buying the drink and just head to Krispy Kreme for the donut. I also ran across a special on those funky shaped rubber bands everyone is talking about…120 for $10 (today only).
Anywho, the reason for this blog. If you’re thinking about moving to Columbus or already live here and haven’t an idea of what to do this weekend, read on:
If you don’t already know, there’s a TON to do in Columbus…especially in the Summer! What you ask? Well, for instance this weekend, you could checkout the Memorial Golf Tournament or if gardening’s more your thing, the Ohio farm bureau is teaching a class at the Franklin Park Conservatory called Growing your own food and going Green on Saturday. The Greater Columbus Arts Festival also beckons you. And you sports fans can head down to Crew stadium for the Rugby Collegiate Championship Invitational.
Next weekend is Columbus’ City Hop. You can checkout either the tour of condo’s on Saturday or go all out and enjoy the progressive dinner party or rooftop after party to really get an idea of what downtown condo living is like. If you’re into doing a 5K walk, Easton’s hosting the American Lung walk next Saturday too.
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