Mortgage 101

I found this refreshingly conservative article on mortgages. There is also a lengthy list of real estate terms (mostly mortgage related).
The information is quite general so if you’re ready to buy a home, get in touch with me. Once I know your situation, I can recommend the right Mortgage company and loan officer for your situation. I refuse to write my own article on this subject because 1-It never fails…the information will be stale next week. 2-Although I know a lot about financing, a Realtor is not a lender 3-Each lender has different programs, portfolio products, etc. so “facts” often change from lender to lender.
I would, however LOVE to see some local lenders start to blog. After all, as good as your newsletters are, they eventually get deleted…blogs stick around forever! Oh, and consumers and Realtors are inundated with e-mails. Blogging allows the ability for your referral sources and clients to look this stuff up on their own time.
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