Olentangy River Trail

Part of my responsibility as a great Realtor is to stay informed of events, venues, etc. in and around Columbus, Ohio. It’s not that every client needs this information but many times I work with home buyers that are relocating from another area or don’t go out of their comfort zone on a regular basis. Plus it’s just good stuff to know!
I’m embarrased to admit that I’ve lived in Columbus for 10+ years now and never knew what a stupendous resource we have in the Olentangy (pronounced Olen-tan-jee) Trail. Having been to several of the parks that the Olentangy Trail connects was definitely not the same as biking the trail that connects the parks.

For those who aren’t aware, this park has a history. What is now the Olentangy
Village apartments was once an amazing amusement park.The depression put an end to that era but the park has thrived on a more natural beauty.

The scents emerging from the lilac and rose bushes are captivatingly energizing and the sights of ducks cleaning their ducklings and deer napping along the river were ones I will never forget. If you’re more of a sports fan, stop and catch one of the baseball, soccer, or frolf games going on…or bring your tennis racket or ball of choice since there are plenty of tennis courts and green space to go around. There are jungle gyms around every corner for the kids and dogs are everywhere so don’t leave Fido out of the fun. You can also head to Antrim’s gorgeous lake to jog along the pedestrian only trail surrounding it or bring your fishing pole as this lake is STOCKED (make sure to get your fishing license first).

People watching is a most fun past time as well and Olentangy does not disappoint on that front either. We even saw Santa Claus on roller blades!
Here is a link to the bike trail map and here are a few links to parks that the Olentangy Trail will wind you through:
Olentangy Parklands (link is to the revitalization project details)

There’s no need to bike but for those of you who haven’t checked out out some of these amazing natural resources our area has to offer, I challenge you to check them out this summer. I’d say “first times free” but it always is…and you’ll be back!
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