Lead Based Paint Regs Change

If you own a home or rental that was built prior to 1978, there are some new regulations that were set in place late last month. If you plan to renovate or repair and the work involves more than six square feet of painted surface per room (interior) or 20 square feet for exterior work, the owners and tenants (if it’s a rental) must receive information on lead-based paint hazards prior to the renovation. Contractors performing the renovation must also be certified (meaning they’ve taken an eight hour course from an EPA accredited trainer). To find out more, visit http://www.epa.gov/lead/

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  1. CrystalA says:

    I had to deal with this new law when we were already in the process of removing the lead in our home. The contractors were rushing to finish the outside of the home in time before the deadline. They got it done in time but not the inside. The subcontractors got their certificate in time in the mail. So he was able to continue. But the Regular Contractor had to wait a week just for the mail to run with their certificate. Jobs all done now and the Lead test was completed and cleared.

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